How do I purchase essential oils?


If you want to take action, getting your own dōTERRA essential oils click here to create an account.

I recommend starting with a Wholesale Customer account and learning the benefits of using oils for yourself without any pressure or quotas for ordering. Just shop when you want and opt-in to learning at your own pace.

One of my favorite kits to start with is the Healthy Habilts Kit, available to buy here

This gives you a variety of 5 oils, a month of the highest quality supplements, and a tube of Deep Blue Rub all at a great discount.

Also, there is a bonus opportunity to earn $100 in free oils from dōTERRA after your second order which I’m happy to help you with personally.

Another option I love is the Healthy Home Kit, available here which includes oils, homecare, haircare and a diffuser too.

If you are the care giver who wants to have it all for your family this kit is for you! .  The Natural Solutions kit is the best value and variety of products to help you meet most needs!

User tip:  I would also add a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to your order for topical use to either of the first two options.

If you are an outgoing, big-hearted promoter of things that work in life, then I recommend we set up a time to speak prior to your essential oil order to assess which membership will best serve you and your family’s needs, health, and wealth. dōTERRA has an amazing compensation plan for those interested in creating extra or residual income.

If you are on the fence about this option, just start with a Wholesale account and you can upgrade down the road when you choose.  This personal call is specifically for those who are tired of playing small and living paycheck to paycheck, and those who want personal mentoring on how to build and grow an effective team of like minds to help change the world.

If this is you, text me today and lets begin the journey to thriving -425-577-2193.  I look forward to helping each one of you maximize your health and happiness with dōTERRA.  My life is so much fuller with my essential oils and friends in dōTERRA.  This community needs your gifts, challenges, and passion so we can grow and learn together. Becoming magnificent by being authentic, you can make a difference.  You could be the one in your family to change the way they do health and care.