*The practitioners at Erica Black Wellness are not doctors. They are qualified to help you make more informed decisions about you own life and healthcare. You are responsible for your own health and well-being. Erica Black Wellness is not a substitute for adequate medical care. If you have or you think you have a medical concern, condition, disease, disorder, issue, or symptoms, the practitioners at Erica Black Wellness will help you reduce any related stress and refer you to a licensed medical practitioner for further assistance. If you have, or you think you have a psychological or emotional concern, condition, disease, disorder, issue, or symptoms, the practitioners at Erica Black Wellness will help you reduce any related stress and refer you to a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist for further assistance.

Will my insurance cover this?

Erica Black Wellness does not take insurance at this time. You may use your HSA or FLEX spending account for services.  If your insurance covers any of the services offered by Erica Black Wellness, you may file the claim personally. You can pay via cash, check, credit card, or via PayPal online. All payments made to Erica Black Wellness are secure and confidential.

Is it safe for children?

Yes. All the services offered at Erica Black Wellness are safe for all ages. Since children do not have the same reservations and mental resistance that adults often have, energy therapy is incredibly effective for children.

What if I’m pregnant?

All of the services offered at Erica Black Wellness are safe for pregnant women. However, due to increased sensitivities and unknown factors during pregnancy, Erica Black Wellness reserves the right to not to practice Quantum Biofeedback on pregnant women. While Quantum Biofeedback is non-invasive, and there are no known negative side effects to receiving Quantum Biofeedback while pregnant, the personal ethics of Erica Black Wellness prevent us from exposing unborn children to any unnecessary and unforeseen risk.   That being said, Quantum Biofeedback has helped several of our clients who were trying to get pregnant!

When can I expect to see results?

Everyone is different and will experience results individually. You can expect to feel different during or immediately following your session, as your energetic field is changed with bio resonance. Long term results however, depend on how committed you are to making the necessary lifestyle changes to better your health and well-being. The 90 day program is designed to give you one area to focus on for 30 days at a time. This allows you to create new habits, and allows your body to change slowly or drastically depending on your individualized plan and motivation to implement it.

During the actual Quantum Biofeedback session, therapeutic energy frequencies will be sent to your body, entraining your body to hold the frequencies for ideal health; this is the “therapy” part of the session. Most of the long-term changes however will depend on your motivation and willingness to do the necessary work to better your health and happiness.

Will I feel it? Does it hurt?

Biofeedback does not hurt. The frequencies are so subtle that most people do not feel a thing. Some people do report feeling the subtle energy move through their body, and those that do, claim the feeling to be rather pleasant. As human beings we are constantly emitting and resonating with energetic frequencies. For example, our hearts and brains emit frequencies that are measureable through EKG and EEG technology. When you place your hand on someone’s heart, the energy you may feel is the same type of subtle energy that you receive from the Quantum Biofeedback device!

So…why is the device sending me energetic frequencies?

As stated above, we are energy, resonating, emitting and holding certain frequencies. Those frequencies can be interrupted by many things including, toxins, poor nutrition, and emotional stress. These stressors cause our energetic fields to have weak and chaotic frequencies, instead of the strong, balanced frequency of good health. The Quantum Biofeedback device sends over 16,000 frequencies into your body to: A) get a reading on what is out of balance; and B) send over the proper frequency to give your body the opportunity to match it and hold on to it; this is called entrainment.  The reading of imbalances is what gives us the necessary information to personalize a plan to address what ails you, whether it be physical, emotional, or a combination of both.

What is the difference between a Quantum Biofeedback session and an EFT Tapping session?

Quantum Biofeedback utilizes an actual machine to get an energetic reading of what is out of balance in your life and in your body. With your information from the biofeedback device, creating a plan to relieve stress, and find better health and happiness is possible. During a Quantum Biofeedback session, you also receive beneficial frequencies to help entrain your body and emotions to operate at the ideal frequencies for good health.

EFT Tapping is an emotional freedom technique used to calm the amygdala in the brain. The amygdala is the source of your fight or flight response; calming it will reduce stress, relieve cravings, and release limiting beliefs. EFT Tapping teaches you to overcome emotional hurdles, and helps you to not have negative and unwanted emotional responses. An EFT Tapping coach teaches you the technique so you can easily use it as a tool in your everyday life. An EFT Tapping coach also helps you to overcome traumas you may feel uncomfortable working on by yourself.

Do I have to commit to the 90 day plan?

No. You may have only one session at a time; however, the 90 day plan is the fastest and surest way to get the results you desire.

What is the difference between the 90 day plan and the Peak Performance Package?

The 90 day plan is your commitment to focusing on one area of your health and/or well-being for 30 days at a time and working toward a specific goal. The 90 day plan includes three Quantum Biofeedback sessions 30 days apart. You may purchase all three sessions at once, or you may purchase them one at a time.

The Peak Performance Package includes the 90 day plan, as well as all of the other services Erica Black Wellness offers for a greatly reduced price rather than buying all the services individually.

The peak performance package includes:

30 minute free consultation
3 Quantum Biofeedback sessions
6- 30 minute Conference Calls (live or recorded options)
2- 60 minute EFT Tapping Sessions (live or online)
+Weekly Email Worksheets Specifically Focused to Goals
+Free Access to Additional Events/ Resources/ Support
+1- 60 minute HeartMath Biofeedback Therapy or Biofeedback Supplement Testing Session
+ 20% Discount on Massage Therapy/ Bodywork with Erica throughout your 3 month plan

Do you offer any discounts?

Our largest discount is provided in our Peak Performance Plan.  Also, we do have a referral bonus for our current clients.  For every 3 clients you refer you earn a free Biofeedback Therapy session.

What if I just want a massage?

Great! One of the many services Erica Black Wellness offers are 60 or 90 minute massages with a focus on Asian body work (tuina) and sports rehab work. Check the List and Prices under the Services tab.

Gift Certificates are available by request as well!

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