Healing and Belief

Equipping you to get the most out of your Quantum Biofeedback session, we’d like to offer some of the basics to build a strong foundation.  We’ve all been swayed from time to time to try new tactics or pills to get the desired results- We want to make sure that our foundations hold the same truths proven time and time again to lead to wellness.


Healing and Belief

The most important thing to know about healing is that each of us has the power within ourselves to do so. Given the right circumstances, our amazing bodies have the ability to heal, regenerate, fight disease, and detoxify. With the urbanization of society came unsanitary living conditions, food shortages, reduction in the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, drugs, and limited water sources. Urbanization created an environment that made it almost impossible for the natural healing system of the body to take place. If we look at cultures whose diet consist of fresh foods, clean water sources, natural healing remedies, and who generally live a low-stress lifestyle, the life expectancy dramatically increases. Though the feather-wearing, buffalo-hunting Apachees are what most of us think about when we think of Native American’s, majority of Native American’s led an all vegetarian diet and peaceful lives. These cultures lived well into their 100’s.

Many problems have been solved with the advent of modern day medicines…but a whole host of new problems were created as well. Society today has replaced actual healing and regeneration with pills and procedures that do not address the real issue. With our processed food, chemically treated produce, chemically treated water sources, air pollution, and stressful lifestyles, is it really a wonder why we are so sick today? On top of that, we infiltrate our bodies with pharmaceutical drugs that have nothing to do with the actual healing process of our bodies.

Food is Medicine

Believe it or not, America is starving. With the over farming of our soil and the early harvesting of crops to reach grocery stores thousands of miles away, our produces is 15 times less nutritious than it was 100 years ago. This means that no matter how much fruits and vegetables we eat, we cannot possibly get all the vitamins and nutrients our body needs to regenerate. There are only about a dozen nutrients that power the thousands of functions in the human body; so if we are deficient in one or two, doesn’t it make sense that a whole host of problems will arise?

So how do I heal my body?

Healing is a three part process: Detoxify what doesn’t belong, replenish the body with nutrition, and choose BELIEF/INTENTIONS that match a healing frequency within.

Detox– In order for the body to have a chance at absorbing nutrients, regulating hormones, and just plain functioning properly, we must regularly detoxify our bodies of all the chemicals, pollutants, and heavy metals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Your natural doctor or Quantum Biofeedback therapist can suggest the options that are best for you.

Replenish with nutrition– The only way for our bodies to possibly fight off invaders and regenerate healthy tissue is to infuse the cells with the precious nutrition we so desperately lack. Juicing is the fastest and most efficient way to do this. You can juice massive amounts of produce (more than you can possibly consume) and drink it down with one quick glass. Liquefying your nutrients also allows your body to absorb the nutrients directly without taxing your organs (which may already be functioning poorly because of illness). Equally as important as juicing- and eating a raw, clean diet- is taking your vitamins.

BELIEF/INTENTION– Have you ever heard the expression, “Mind over matter?” No matter how well we take care of our bodies physically, our bodies will ALWAYS respond to our state of mind. Believing you can be healed is far more powerful than any vitamin you can take. Whether you call it prayer or intention, where we direct our mind has a powerful effect on our desired outcome. There have been numerous studies done on the power of intention. All the studies have two things in common. The more focused their intention, the more powerful the outcome; and directed intention has an extremely significant and measurable effect. Check out “The Intention Experiment” by Lynn McTaggart for more information.

Expert meditators can dramatically change their body temperatures, exemplify strength far beyond their “normal” physical capacities, and can slow their respiration and heart rates to levels far lower than what is required to keep the average person alive. They can not only do these things for long periods of time, but are stronger and healthier than most because of it. Some expert meditators can even heal themselves with the sheer power of their mind. The amazing thing is that we all have this ability. The only difference between expert meditators and non-expert meditators is practice.

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert meditator to heal yourself. All that’s needed is belief. Many people, from devout Christians to atheists have experienced “medical miracles.” We each hold the magic and power we need to live long, healthy, fulfilled lives. Allow Erica Black Wellness to shine light on area’s within that may need support, detoxing, replenishing, and a renewed belief in living your best life now.  You can book an appointment online today to take action and change your future self!  Thank you for accepting responsibility for your own wellness and taking time to realize that you are worthy.  We look forward to working with you and your loved ones as we grow and heal our Earth one by one.  You matter!

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