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Fall of 2018 began with an amazing week in SLC, UT for the doTERRA Global Convention with 40,000 of my closest oily friends. The panel of teachers and physicians who shared their research, experiences and passion for educating about living a wellness lifestyle was off the charts. On top of that I met the doctors and farmers who make this company so different from any other oil company. The Co-Impact Sourcing partners, Healing Hands Foundation’s global impact and the countless of wellness advocates around the world who are making a difference in their communities inspired me to stand tall! The founding Executives shared their vision of the future, the growth of the company and the disruption of traditional healthcare that is happening now with the empowerment of families to have better choices and tools to live well.  The special keynote speakers and entertainment of Immaculee Ilibagiza (New York Times Best Selling Author) and Hugh Jackman (you may know him as The Greatest Showman or Wolverine) filled my heart and soul with hope and inspiration.  Tim Ballard from Operation Underground Railroad reminded us how important our part is in sharing love and oils around the globe and the impact a bottle of HOPE oil can have in the war against sex trafficing and rehabilitating those rescued from this war. Hearing from Aaron Sorensen of the APRC (Aromatic Plant Research Center) about how many other companies oils are missing the mark of purity and how confident we can be with doTERRA’s committment with CPTG oils. Talking about oils, the fabulous new products released are now available to purchase and they will be amazing blessings on your journey. So many things about this week reminded me Why I am blessed to work with such a great company and the people that make the heart of doTERRA beat strong.



I moved into ‘HOKO’ my 24 ft Tiny house on wheels (THOW) in 2018. I enjoy the changes and challenges of living in a smaller space, less to lose, clutter and clean = more time to live! Here are a few pictures for fun. Simplify to thrive 🙂



Over most of 2015 and coming into 2016, I’ve been working with the awesome men and women in the Stars Rugby 7’s program. We’ve traveled all over the United States and Canada together, and I feel truly blessed to be able to help these dedicated athletes be their best, both mentally and physically. Here we are in Las Vegas doing some yoga, and of course, goofing around. Some of the other tools we use in the Star’s program are EFT Tapping for mental acuity, Essential Oils for physical and emotional support, and Quantum Biofeedback for frequency therapy and stress reduction. Thank you Star’s Rugby for welcoming me into your lives!

Hi I’m Erica Black!

With over 15 years in the health and wellness field, I am excited to share my company with you, ERICA BLACK WELLNESS! Through all of the different modalities I have pursued in the wellness field, I have discovered a special formula in helping athletes achieve peak performance. I love working with clients on all levels of health and wellness goals, however, being a competitive athlete for 20 years myself, has given me the drive to help athletes reach their peak. We are all athletes of life; whether you desire to be your best to run a marathon, or just to keep up with your hectic life, I can help you be your best self possible.  From soccer moms to World Cup stars- This formula can work for you!

Firing on all cylinders…When’s the last time you knew that you were doing everything possible to meet your goal? For health, competition, your job, as a parent, whatever your focus, can you imagine what that would feel like? Firing on all cylinders, no slow leaks, or energy vampires sucking away your greatness… Total support to achieve success in your journey of wellness & life!  Don’t let another year come and go, missing the opportunity to become your best.  Go on-line to FB or EricaBlackWellness.com for more information on our Peak Performance Package! Choose to make this your year to fire on all cylinders with Erica Black Wellness!  We want you to have the special formula for an epic life.
USA Rugby National 7’s Championship  8/9-10/2014

Many thanks to all of the great friends, ruggers and fans I met this weekend.  I’m grateful for your support and trust in your journey of wellness.  Tons of folks stopped by to check their pH levels and learn some tips for boosting their immune systems, pH, and their performance too!  I love seeing the light in an athletes eyes when they make a mental breakthrough or see hope in a new light, both were common this epic weekend!  It’s not all hard work as you can see, keeping your light shining means being light every now and then too 😉  Waisale Serevi below- showing what it looks like to SHINE your light!

With the recent passing of the great actor and comedian Robin Williams, who’s depression was too heavy a mantle to carry on… I encourage you to remember that all people with a beat in their heart need a smile, a hug and want to know they matter.  Whether you know their name or not, share kindness and choose to make a difference in just one persons day each and everyday.  I’ve heard it said that hurting people hurt people, and that loving people, love people- You choose! If you live in a dark space, know that there is light around the corner and lots of people who care about you… I am one of them.  You don’t need to be a smoker praise God to reach out and ask for a light!  Let us help guide you back to wellness, to stoke the fire within.-Erica Black
*Disclaimer- At Erica Black Wellness we are not doctors practicing medicine, nor do we play them on tv.  We are trained practitioners licensed and certified in multiple modalities who want to help you reach optimal wellness and peak performance with a holistic approach. We love people and want to help you learn the potential of what you don’t know that could be holding you back from your next breakthrough or a true life of happiness. Whether your sick or just sick of living below your personal goals and desires, allow us to help you fire on all cylinders!

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