Equipping you to get the most out of your Quantum Biofeedback session, we’d like to offer some of the basics to build a strong foundation.  We’ve all been swayed from time to time to try new tactics or pills to get the desired results- We want to make sure that our foundations hold the same truths proven time and time again to lead to wellness.



Stress is the most underestimated cause of sickness today. It is linked to a whole host of illnesses, diseases, and mental disorders, yet there seems to be very little we do to monitor and reduce it. Heart disease, which is directly linked to stress, is one of the leading killers of people today. We are given every pill, procedure and surgery under the sun, yet no one seems to be focusing on the root cause of the issue: STRESS!

Fight or flight

When we are under a constant state of stress, or body’s continually releases the fight or flight hormones into our bloodstream. This causes a whole host of problems such as depletion of the adrenal glands (which power the thyroid), weight gain, insomnia, digestive issues, and much more. When our bodies are preparing to fight or run, our sugar levels increase, our digestion shuts down, heart beats faster and harder, and our breathing becomes shallow. When we are in a constant state of stress, we not only become accustomed to our bodies functioning this way, but since we were not meant to maintain this state over a long period of time, our bodies become so depleted, fatigued, and just plain give up all together. This is part of the reason we crave sugars and caffeine, experience anxiety, and also why so many of us have digestive issues such as IBS.

Under this amount of chaos, it is impossible for our bodies to regenerate and heal. Without proper digestion, we don’t absorb the nutrients we need, and can’t eliminate toxins efficiently. We can literally be obese and dying from malnutrition. Since shallow chest breathing is a response of our fight or flight reaction, concentrating on deep belly breathing for only a few minutes a day and/or during stressful situations can literally help you shut off your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), and activate your parasympathetic nervous system.

It is also important to actively do things to reduce your stress such as meditation, yoga, a bed time routine, calming walks, and just plain having fun. Equally as important as adding in relaxation methods is eliminating what stressors you can control.  Be mindful of the time you devote to others and honor the time you devote to yourself- this is just one of the essentials in managing your levels of stress.

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