Your Body’s pH

Equipping you to get the most out of your Quantum Biofeedback session, we’d like to offer some of the basics to build a strong foundation.  We’ve all been swayed from time to time to try new tactics or pills to get the desired results- We want to make sure that our foundations hold the same truths proven time and time again to lead to wellness.


Your body’s pH

The first topic is looking at the pH of a human body; this is the overall gage of wellness.  pH is the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis, and the ease or dis-ease in how our bodies can heal and regenerate on a daily basis. The scale for pH ranges from 0-14; with 0 being highly acidic, to 14 being highly alkaline. The perfect pH for the human body is 7.36, and maintaining a pH of 7.1 or higher guarantees a healthy state. Bacteria, fungus, virus, and disease flourish in acidic states. It is physiologically impossible to contract disease such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. with a consistent pH of 7.1 or higher. Unfortunately however, with our American diets and stressful lifestyles, most of us have a pH that hovers somewhere between 6.5-7.0

How do I know and monitor my pH?

The only way to know the pH level, is to test our pH consistently for  two weeks at a time throughout the year for accuracy. You can buy pH test strips at your local health food store, or online for about $15. It is best to get strips that test to the quarter of a point for accuracy- i.e. 6.0, 6.25, 6.5, 7.0. pH testing should be done two hours away from food or drink and should be done at the same time in the morning and afternoon daily. Test your first urine of the day, record your number, and then test your saliva or urine in the afternoon. You should have two recordings per day for two weeks. The average of these readings will tell you the pH at which your body is maintaining.

What if my pH is consistently low?

If our pH is 6.5 or below, our bodies do not have to ability to absorb a single vitamin or supplement we are taking. It is said that America has the most expensive urine in the world because we spend so much money on vitamins, but since so many of us have a poor pH due to unhealthy diets and stressful lives; we pass them right on through and out of our bodies. A low pH also increases the risk of developing a multitude of illnesses ranging from the common cold, to cancer.

How do I boost my pH?

Things three main things that cause our pH to drop are diet, toxicity, and stress. You can certainly find online lists of foods that are alkaline, and avoid foods that are acidic, but without maintaining your stress levels and knowing your levels of toxicity, it will be impossible to maintain a desirable pH.

Diet– Raw vegetables and most fruits are alkalizing (pH boosting) to the body. It is important to do your homework because certain foods that may seem acidic, such as lemons and limes, have an extremely alkalizing effect once they are metabolized in the body. Other foods such as blueberries (which are high in antioxidants) are extremely acidic to the body. A general rule of thumb is the greener and rawer, the better. Foods that are acidic include all dairy, red meat, pork, alcohol, and caffeine. Chicken is the least acidic meat; but a raw, vegetarian diet is recommended for ultimate healing and pH boosting.

Juicing– Juicing is the fastest and most efficient way to boost your pH. The more dark leafy greens you can juice, the better. This is because the juice gets absorbed straight into the bloodstream without your organs having to do any work. You can throw a piece of fruit- such as a green apple- in the mix to make it taste good. A good ratio for a pH boosting juice is 75:25; with 75% vegetables and 25% fruit.

Toxicity– The only way to know your toxicity levels such as insecticides, halogens, and especially heavy metals including mercury, is to have blood work done through your natural physician, or have them energetically tested with Quantum Biofeedback. It is important to do an intestinal cleanse twice a year-preferably in the fall and spring- but equally important to detox your body from other harmful toxins that infiltrate the thyroid and brain. There are certain supplements like Zeolites you can take to rid your body of heavy metals. Your natural doctor or Quantum Biofeedback therapist can suggest which brands have been tested for accuracy and effectiveness.

Stress– Stress levels are an important factor in maintaining your pH. When the body is under constant stress, it is unable to efficiently process foods, eliminate waste, regenerate, and heal. Being in a stressful state also causes a release of toxic levels of stress hormones into the blood stream. Find time to meditate, do yoga, take a walk, pet the dog, garden, get a massage or facial, and have fun!

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