Here’s how I’d like to serve you.

  • I am a Biofeedback Specialist. I use state of the art equipment to translate what your body (bio) is trying to say (feedback), so we can get a better understanding of where to start.
  • I am a Certified EFT Tapping Coach. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and means just that; freedom from the emotions that are holding you back from achieving your goals. This exercise involves physically tapping on different meridian points on the body, to program the mind to release stress, blockages, and limiting beliefs.
  • I am an Essential Oils Ambassador. I use 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to support the body and mind in operating at its best. Humans and plants have had hundreds of thousands of years to evolve together, forming cohesive relationships for survival. Pure, concentrated, plant extracts communicate with our bodies easily and are the blueprint for health.
  • I am a Coach. Once we recognize our physical imbalances, work on releasing blockages, and give our bodies the blueprint for health, I coach you on how to live a lifestyle that is not only effective in maintaining optimal function but that works within the parameters of your day to day life. Sometimes a small change can make a HUGE difference!
  • I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner. We hold emotions, stress, and memory in our cellular tissue. Those tight shoulders or annoying lower back pain can tell us much more than the fact that we spend too much time seated in front of a computer. I specialize in Asian Bodywork and have over 12 years of experience in this field. I not only help to relieve challenges in your body but help you to identify what might be causing your symptoms in order to prevent future occurrences.
  • I am a Yoga Instructor. One of my many loves is helping people realize how awesome they are, and I have been doing that through yoga for the last five years. I am a certified Yin, Power Vinyasa, and Hot Hatha instructor; but stretching and strengthening are secondary to learning just how amazing this body and mind of yours actually is!

What makes working with me unique?

Well, the services I offer are unlike any other in the area. The cutting edge technologies and tools I utilize in my practice are the same ones that China utilizes in conjunction with the training of their Olympic Athletes. After winning more Olympic medals than any other country in the Beijing Olympic Games, their government purchased a thousand Quantum Biofeedback devices (the very same one that I use in my practice) for doctors across the country to aid in reducing mental and emotional stress in their patients.

My 90-day program consists of:

  • Three Quantum Biofeedback sessions
  • A personalized plan of recomendations to help you overcome the physical and mental stress that is side tracking your greatness
  • Resources, recipes and results

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, EFT Tapping Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher & Certified Biofeedback Specialist. I offer multiple modalities to target your specific needs.

Let’s begin the process of getting the results you want in your life.

Join me for a 15 min phone consultation for new clients and your referrals who want to learn more.

Email- to book a time to connect.

My rates are as follow: 

Quantum Biofeedback: $250/session (90 min) 

Traditional Biofeedback: $125/hour

Personal Coaching: $125/hour

Tapping (EFT): $125/hour (1-hour minimum)

Massage: $150/75 min or $175/ 90 min  * Aromatherapy included.

* $200/hour (out-call)- $250/ 90 min (out-call)

Aromatouch: Clinical Application of 8 doTERRA Essential Oils

$85 / 45 min treatment (in-call only)

Packages are available upon request for use of the same client only.

Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice of all cancellation or rescheduling of appointments with Erica Black Wellness to waive the cancellation fee.  We collect a fee of $40 per hr, for all cancellations or no shows without 24 hrs notice.  (For example, if you have a Biofeedback appointment booked that you miss without 24 hrs notice to EBW, you would be billed via Paypal for $60, covering your 90-minute appointment.) Thank you for respecting our time, as we will respect yours.

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