“My biofeedback sessions with Erica have identified deficiencies in my diet and nutrition.  At 60 years of age I have been able to make several positive changes that have led to increased energy and mental sharpness!  Oh yeah, and I lost 15 lbs too… Thanks to Erica and biofeedback!”

Robert B.  -Portsmouth, OH


“Erica takes the time to assess one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being—or lack thereof—and then takes time to seamlessly restore one’s sense of inner and outer balance.”  

Barbara C. – Issaquah, WA


“Four years ago I was introduced to Erica through a mutual friend of ours and soon learned she was a massage therapist/body worker.  I booked an appointment with her and have seen her at least once a month ever since. She has an uncanny ability to read your body and help it along with her extensive training. Erica not only does bodywork but teaches yoga and plays rugby too (she knows the body well from many different aspects).  And now Biofeedback–what an interesting and fascinating journey this is. If you want a mountain of information about every aspect of yourself/health and a road to improving your health, this is it. I am only a couple months into this journey and already very pleased with the results.”

Shirley P.  -Seattle, WA


“Erica is super approachable, warm and non-judgmental. Her enthusiasm for enabling people to better themselves is obvious and her positive outlook is contagious. Her interpersonal skills are second to none and she has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to draw from.  Erica has helped bring important areas that need work to my attention and also help me prioritize where to focus my energy first. I have received tons of information about myself and many useful tangible guidelines and suggestions to take away from each session.”

Carrie W.  Seattle, WA


“I have known Erica for 2 years.  First as a yoga instructor, then as a colleague and now as my Massage Therapist, Biofeedback Therapist and friend.  Erica is a very knowledgeable competent Yoga instructor and therapist; she is always very positive and willing to offer any help and advice.  Erica has help me in many areas, particularly recently in my Biofeedback sessions that I have had with her.  I have become much more aware of what is happening inside my body and of the environmental effects on my body, giving me knowledge and advice on how to make small changes that lead to big improvements.  I would recommend Erica to anyone; she is truly a passionate, inspirational and wonderful person.  It is a pleasure knowing and working with her.”

Val M.  – Issaquah, WA


“I had no idea what to expect going into my biofeedback session.  The data gathered from the session regarding my health and well-being was incredibly and surprisingly accurate. I learned new information about myself and also received confirmation of some things I already knew. It was this confirmation of what I already know to be true about my body and mind that made me a believer in biofeedback. I highly recommend this work to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and ready to make life changes to improve their health and vitality. I already notice a difference in the way that I feel after making these changes myself and that is just one month after my biofeedback session.”

Julie D.  Seattle, WA


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